Nailed it? - Eating on Vacation

confidence mindful eating self-love Apr 18, 2018

So, we’ve just been away for a few days and my plan had been to write a post on the tactics I’d employed to survive a vacation eating wise. And while I wouldn’t say the few days had been a disaster it wasn’t a resounding success either. 

I’ve had to remind myself that I’ve only been using these habits/tactics of moderate eating for a relatively short term compared to the years of all or nothing and this is all a learning experience.

We got back on Saturday and for some reason I decided to weigh on Sunday morning even though this is no longer my prime focus – unsurprisingly the number had gone up – we’d been travelling all day on the Saturday, I’d eaten bread while away which always affects me, drunk more alcohol than usual and less water. 

Using the scales is not always a good idea

What I found interesting was my response – I immediately felt fed up, like I’d failed, that eating in moderation doesn’t work etc. etc.  I quickly gave myself a talking to – this was my old way of reacting, the number doesn’t define you, basically give yourself a break.

I also had to be honest with myself – leading up to and while away I’d become a bit complacent – thinking yeah I’ve got this nutrition stuff nailed. I’ve more or less maintained my weight for over a year I know what I’m doing now and while no food is forbidden I do attempt to eat nutritious foods the majority of the time for how they make me feel – more energetic, less tired and so forth but more foods had been creeping in that I know don’t make me feel good – easy go to snacks, some mindless eating while watching a film for example. 

weight loss is not paramount

As I’ve previously written, in an ideal world I would like to still lose a bit more weight. But I’ve also reached a stage where if I never lose another pound I’m actually OK with that. 

My “whys” for losing weight in the first place were to do with being more active in life, feeling more confident and participating rather than watching. I’ve largely got to this place (not to say I don’t still have confidence crises at times) and my mindset and attitude towards myself are totally different to what they were.

I read a great book while away “The Goddess Revolution” by Mel Wells about developing a healthy relationship with food and yourself, judgement free and moving past restriction and guilt in order to live life to the full.  This is what I had to remind myself of – staying aware of what I need, not returning to mindless and unconscious eating, slowing down and focussing. 

be kind to yourself

Also, a reminder to be kind to me – we had a great few days away with family friends and yes, I wasn’t perfect, but that is no longer what I am striving for, the impossible.  This is what life is about, so I’d do it all again but maybe with one less Portuguese tart, although they’re really good!

How do you find eating on vacation - completely let go or remain aware?

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