Client Testimonials


Working with clients is why I do what I do. It’s my favourite part of my role as a confidence coach. The light bulb and aha moments, when a client lets go of a limiting belief or story make me go all warm and fuzzy inside! The results that clients get are amazing and so rewarding - I may be the facilitator, the encourager, the cheerleader - the “work” is all done by them.

When working with me is described as “life-changing” it is an amazing feeling but the client has committed to themselves, followed through on actions and that is what helps them reach their goals and dreams.

That is why their life is now more than “fine".”

Read below to see what they say🙏

Anisah - Kuala Lumpur

Before I started coaching with Sarah, I was feeling lost, restless and stuck in a place.  I felt blocked and not able to see how to move forward. I was unsure what path coaching would travel but was willing to commit to where we had to go.

It felt unfamiliar and strange to dig into my thoughts and feelings to find answers but I have looked at beliefs, patterns and ideas that I’ve held for years and have let them now go as they aren’t of any use.

Looking at the small joys and blessings of everyday life has connected me with more gratitude to my Creator and brought in more mindfulness.

It has been said that I look brighter, more alive, cheerful and like a load has lifted. 

Sarah was patient and gently veered me towards dealing with the underlying issues rather than pushing me to perform. The questions asked often opened a winding path that lead to insights and truth.

Coaching with Sarah was enlightening, revelationary and empowering. 


Frances - Worcestershire


I signed up to Breakthrough with Sarah as I felt I wasn’t valuing myself even though I am nearing retirement.

I had never experienced working with a coach before and although I was nervous before our first session by the end, I believed it was possible to change.

I have finished the 21 days feeling less daunted and am taking action.  The resources provided by Sarah were useful in focussing and the whole Breakthrough experience has been positive, helpful, and thought-provoking.

Thank You Sarah.

Angela Burke

I said yes to coaching with Sarah as I had the feeling it’s now or never.  It’s easy to push the can down the road but by doing so I’m missing out on living the way I really want to live. 

I felt at ease straight away as Sarah is such a warm and bubbly person. It was a lovely experience to have conversations and connections particularly during a pandemic and I have developed tactics to carry on implementing what I learnt through the coaching.

Coaching with Sarah was friendly, approachable and practical.

Thank you so much

Alice Adcock

Before coaching I was struggling with over-thinking, confidence and taking downtime to recharge my own batteries. Working with Sarah was my first experience of working with a coach and I found it eye-opening and a confidence booster.

I have felt more confident in both my personal and professional lives.  Even after the first session I realised I was the one in the driving seat for regaining my confidence and to reduce the over-thinking.  Although I had felt a little apprehensive before-hand I felt completely at ease.

Although, I can relapse into over-thinking, the tools I have gained help me swiftly pull myself out of that state.

Thank you Sarah.


Sam Collins

When I started coaching with Sarah, I was wanting to move from a place of self-doubt with zero self-belief and confidence. Sarah’s speciality of empowerment and self-love was what called me even though I had always found the thought of coaching daunting.

I was nervous and apprehensive at the first session – especially as video chat had always been a “never” for me. Sarah was friendly, understanding, and compassionate and really understood the struggles of inner critic and lack of self-belief.  I am more empowered and confident.  I am 100% more understanding, kind and compassionate towards myself and know it’s OK to put myself and my dreams first.

Coaching with Sarah was empowering, inspiring and full of light.

Elevate Healing

Rebecca Woods

When I started with coaching I was struggling with confidence in certain areas of my life, self-compassion & belief. I felt like I had too many things to sort out, but by the end of the first session, I felt it was a bit more ordered.

I am a lot calmer & less bothered by certain issues & have got back on board with the idea of mindful eating.  I am thinking about my body in a different way – looking after it & being less critical.

The coaching felt collaborative, supportive & enjoyable (even fun).  Meeting every two weeks was a welcome pause and reflection on life. Sarah has a gentle way of being, listening and reflecting back what was happening for me.

Charisse Van Kan

My experience of coaching with Sarah has been life-changing.  I feel calmer & at peace.  Happier & more content.  I am more accepting, grateful & present & my confidence has grown.

Before I started coaching with Sarah I was feeling frustrated at trying to fulfill my creative passion & finding time for myself. Life felt a bit like a constant to do list. 

Sarah was able to listen to what I was saying & ask specific questions that helped make everything clearer.  The actions we set together made me think deeply. Through Sarah’s guidance, questioning & support I have acquired tools that will keep me moving forward. 

I found coaching with Sarah to be encouraging, enjoyable, supportive and compassionate.

Food Stylist, Photographer, Doterra Essential Oils


Janene Goddard

The biggest change I have gained through my coaching with Sarah is the realization that I don’t need to pretend to be anything other than me. I am enough.

I have gained confidence and am learning to trust myself, and that I am on the right path. I have gained a deeper understanding of myself, as a whole, while others have also noticed a change in my outlook and self-acceptance. Although I was feeling apprehensive at the start of the coaching series, as I knew I would need to be open and honest for it to help, by the end of the first session I had gained clarity on the areas I needed to focus on.

I would sum up the coaching experience with Sarah, as encouraging, nurturing and motivating. Sarah was supportive and available between sessions if I needed her to be. Coaching gives you someone independent who is supportive and understanding whilst gently challenging and holding you accountable.

Liz Keates

Coaching with Sarah was supportive, inspirational & encouraging.

Sarah was clearly invested in me as a client & by the end of the coaching series I felt more connected to my life’s purpose and clearer on my next steps. Through the coaching I embraced my creativity, felt more dedicated to my spiritual practice and prioritised self-care.

Sarah has a caring & gentle nature and she genuinely wanted to help me achieve my goals. Being actively listened too was wonderful & gave me confidence. Having an invested coach holding me accountable was an important part of my progress & really helped me gain clarity & achieve my goals. The powerful questions asked, helped me reflect on what I really wanted to achieve.

Sarah encouraged me to celebrate my “wins” and achievements and she was supportive & knowledgeable, proactively sharing information & insights to help me succeed.

Thank you Sarah for everything.

Life Purpose & Spirituality Coach