5 Reasons for Creating a Vision Board

Dec 21, 2021

In this blog I am going to talk about the reasons for creating a vision board – what it can add to your life and how it can help.  First off, I’ll explain what a vision board is, in case this is all new to you.

What is a Vision Board

Basically, a vision board is exactly what it sounds like - a collection of pictures, words and visual representations of what you want to do, have or be in life.  The idea is to bring whatever is on your vision board to life. It’s a bit like a visual wish list. 

It’s a great tool to use in conjunction with others.  In my upcoming workshop with Sharon Gisbourne (Yoga & Meditation teacher), we will be using mandalas and meditation alongside creating a vision board to support guests to create their life map for 2022 (and beyond!).  Find out more details at Your Life Map for 2022 (event now past)

They can be whatever size you want.  It’s a lovely activity to do either alone, or in a group but having a dedicated spell of time to create it is ideal. Finding images and words that inspire you, reflect how you want to feel, what you want to do as well as specific “things” creates a great mix for the board. 

A vision board can be a physical board (or created on a wallpaper cutoff like mine😀) or digital – made on your computer or a Pinterest board or Instagram account. Personally, I love the physical board.

I tend to just have one vision board for all aspects of my life but you could have one for personal and one for business or career if you wished.  Whatever works best for you😀


1.       A Vision Board Acts as a Reminder

Creating a vision board is a consistent reminder of your larger goals.  Each time you see it – whether it be on your wall, on your computer or phone – it is a reminder of why you’re doing what you do, where you’re aiming to be and what your dreams and goals are.


It helps with motivation – when you consistently see where you’re aiming to be it can help you keep motivated to carry out the actions you need to do (especially if it’s a task you don’t want to be doing!), that are taking you nearer to the end goal.

I recommend having it somewhere you can see it regularly – even in multiple places. So for example my main vision board is on my office door so I can see it from my desk but I also have a smaller version as my laptop screen saver and on my phone.

2.       Creating a Vision Board Creates Focus

The process of creating a vision board gets you to really think about and focus on what you want – what are your deepest desires and goals, not just the nice to have’s. It’s easy to get swept along with what other people are doing and think, I want that too – but do you…..really? Or to feel you should want something and again, do you…..really?

A vision board helps you get clear on what you do want.  They should feel inspiring – if you don’t feel inspired when you look at your board that could indicate that it isn’t really a goal for you.

The physical limitation of the board helps you focus – there’s only so much space so it has to be something that really inspires you and you feel connected to, in order to earn a spot on the board. It can also help clarify the priorities for now or the next couple of years rather than 10 years time.  Seeing the representation of your goals consistently can also help you realise that what you thought was important to you maybe isn’t so important after all.

3.       A Vision Board is a Confidence Building Tool

A vision board is a visualisation tool.  We often hear about athletes using visualisation before taking part in an event to picture them achieving, running the race, winning, doing their best.  This helps build their confidence and self-belief.  This is what a vision board can do.  Help you picture yourself doing certain things, it impacts your subconscious and you will more likely take action towards the goals on your vision board. The subconscious responds well to repetition and pictures/imagery.

Seeing your dreams and desires in front of you consistently, that you may think are beyond you, you will start to believe are attainable and possible.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams, who looks inside, awakes.
4.       You Can be Specific.

While concentrating on how we want to feel is the prime focus of a vision board it’s great to include some material things too. And I say get specific. For example, one of my dreams is to go to the Seychelles – I’ve selected the hotel (a rather nice one!) – I’ve been really specific. Obviously, I’m not going to get to that hotel unless I actually book it – it’s not just going to happen, but the image of the hotel reminds me of my dream holiday and I can imagine how I’ll feel being there too.


5.       Creating a Vision Board is Fun!

Get out your scissors, glue, and let your inner child have fun.  You could even throw on a bit of glitter if you wanted to. Unleash your creativity without restriction.  It’s your vision board – what anyone else thinks is irrelevant. Cut up those magazines, write those affirmations and inspiring quotes and dream big. All ready to take action to get there.


I hope some of these reasons have inspired you to give creating a vision board a go.  And if you’re in the Worcestershire area why not check out the upcoming workshop.  We’d love to see you but be quick as there are only 10 spots available.

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