Life is for participating in, not spectating from the sidelines.


Self-love and self-acceptance are key to feeling confident.


You are in control of your thoughts and can change those limiting ones.



I'm a mother, wife, and confidence & empowerment coach. But also so much more than that. And so are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve, not the life of everyone else's expectations.

Join me on a journey of reinvention, clarity and action to gain the  unapologetic confidence to be boldly you.




Around 2007 I found myself in a place where I was sick of always being on a diet, feeling like there had to be another way and refusing to spend the rest of my life being in a negative mindset about myself, my body and worrying about my size.

I’ve moved from a place of living life on the sidelines to fully participating.

I’ve done things I never thought I would – parasailing, swinging through the jungle, paddle boarding, attending events where I knew no one to name a few.

Once I had left diet culture behind I then had more space to focus on what I really wanted from life. My “mum-role” was changing.  Life was fine, I wasn’t miserable but I knew I wanted more. I qualified as a life coach with Beautiful You Coaching Academy in April 2020 with a desire to help women like you, move from a place of not wanting to be visible to one of embracing opportunities as they arise. 

No longer being the one holding the bags or taking the photos to a place of fully taking part


What I discovered was that the key to feeling confident in myself and able to live life more fully is self-acceptance & self-love.

You too can experience great change:

  • transform your mindset.

  • divert energy previously spent feeling you aren’t good enough into reinvention and gaining clarity on what you really want out of life.

  • move to a place of accepting and appreciating you, being kind to yourself in the now and for the future

  • live your life in a way to make you feel good (it’s not selfish, it benefits those around you) and not just do what you think is expected

  • find what brings you joy, what lights you up

By working with me, reading my blogs and downloading my resources, you can achieve your own transformation and experience the freedom that comes with that.

I get it - I’ve been there, but it can change.
We all deserve to feel fabulous about our life and ourselves!



"I was wanting to move from a place of self-doubt with zero self-belief and confidence. Sarah’s speciality of empowerment and self-love was what called me. I am 100% more understanding, kind and compassionate towards myself and know it’s OK to put myself and my dreams first."

Sam Collins


"My experience of coaching with Sarah has been life-changing.  I feel calmer & at peace.  Happier & more content.  I am more accepting, grateful & present & my confidence has grown."

Charisse Van Kan

I love helping women find the confidence and self-belief to live life to the full. 

To build your self-esteem, to embrace this next stage of life. 

To let go of your beliefs that hold you back. 

To trust yourself and your body and discover what makes you tick. 

To break free from the diet roller-coaster if this is what holds you back from living a full life. 

To get comfortable to push yourself out of your comfort zone to live a fuller and more exciting life. Although I like to work on gently stretching it rather than smashing it apart!

In short, I love to help women transform their mindsets and relationships with themselves so they fall in love with life and move from fine to fabulous!

Let’s not waste any more energy not believing in yourself and letting opportunities pass you by.



I accept all parts of me, the contradictions and the parts I never felt were “quite right".” I no longer fight to fit in by changing who I am due to a knowing that I am perfectly me - not perfect (!) but me.

I combine my formal training and personal experience to help clients reach a place of freedom and confidence while learning to love and value themselves.

I have studied and worked with some of the most expansive teachers and mindsets around - and will continue to do so e.g. Mel Wells, Jody Shield, Alexandria Wombwell-Povey, Tony Robbins, Karissa Kouchis, Lucy Sheridan, Zac Dixon

Forever learning!


Some Final Important Facts About Me!

Books, books and more books - and that’s not including the 600+ on my kindle!

I love lifting weights 🏋️‍♀️ & a wannabe yogi.🧘‍♂️

Mum to 3 big kids - youngest is 18 & I've been married for 29 years😲

I recently achieved my ambition of standing up on a paddle-board.

Love live events - gigs, festivals, comedians, theatre.

The sea and beach. How I ended up living about as far inland as you can in the UK I’m not sure🤔

I sing and play the piano and cello (although badly out of practice) and I do dance, but only in private😂

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Use the tools daily and see your confidence soar.