You deserve to live a life that is fulfilling and brings you joy.


We are all perfectly imperfect beings and deserve to be loved by ourselves.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.


I am a life-coach, passionate about self-love and self-acceptance - they can be life-changing.

I work with women like you on a 1:1 basis to feel fully confident in your life. To fall in love with life and yourself again. To find the excitement, discover what lights you up.  To find the freedom to be fully you.

Through a process of reinvention you gain clarity and take action to move to a place of self-acceptance & confidence in you, to create positive change & reach your goals.

I work with women like you, maybe feeling stuck.  Life’s “fine” but you want more (even if you’re not sure what that is at the moment).

You just feel that something is lacking.

Whether you want to be the next Thelma and Louise, or prefer the quieter life, working with me will give you the tools and confidence to live how YOU want, without worrying about what Nancy, (no offence Nancy), down the road is doing.

DISCLAIMER: I cannot take responsibility for the outcome if you embrace coaching - you may end up swinging through the jungle, walking on the seabed or whatever takes your fancy! - that's what happened to me.

Let’s smash those beliefs keeping you stuck, gain clarity and take action.



I’ll support you to find the confidence to move from being “fine to fabulous” and fully participating in YOUR life.

You’ve reached your 40’s, 50’s and beyond and its simpler to maintain the status quo, there’s no point changing anything, why rock the boat – to stay in the belief you’re fine as you are, even if secretly you long for something different, dream of more.

Time passes quickly and as the last couple of years have shown, the world changes fast too – nothing is certain, so why wait to take action.

Have you been thinking about what you want from life? Had time to re-evaluate? 

What’s holding you back – is it a lack of confidence?

A feeling of uncertainty? A lack of clarity?

Do you need some support and accountability to get going with a goal or project?

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and wake up to your best life?



"It has been said that I look brighter, more alive, cheerful and like a load has lifted. 

Sarah was patient and gently veered me towards dealing with the underlying issues rather than pushing me to perform. The questions asked often opened a winding path that lead to insights and truth."

Anisah - Kuala Lumpur


Breakthrough is a 21 day supported programme for you.

We focus on a single, specific area where you feel stuck or want to gain clarity.

Gain support to get some momentum or a boost to your life.

A time for reflection and become clear on areas you may want to change as well as discover what you want more of in your life.

Maybe you have a goal but you’re not sure where to start

Are you feeling overwhelmed in a particular area?

Do you want to boost your confidence in one area of your life?

Are you finding it hard to find the momentum to break through doubts and resistance to make a decision?

Do you want someone to listen and help unravel your thoughts to gain clarity?

If this sounds like you then Breakthrough is for you.


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"I have finished the 21 days feeling less daunted and am taking action.  The whole Breakthrough experience has been positive, helpful, and thought-provoking."

Frances - Worcestershire