You can design the life you desire, and live the life you create.


Self-love and self-acceptance are key to feeling confident.


You are in control of your thoughts, actions, and destiny.

6 Month 1:1 Coaching Series

I’ll support you to find the confidence to move from being “fine to fabulous” and fully participating in YOUR life.

You’re reached a place in life where you're feeling stuck but believe it's simpler to maintain the status quo, there’s no point changing anything, why rock the boat – to stay in the belief you’re fine as you are, even if secretly you long for something different, dream of more.

Time passes quickly and unless you make a change, your life will remain the same as it is. Unless you make a decision to actively change things they will remain stagnant. Why wait to take action.

Have you been thinking about what you want from life? Had time to re-evaluate? 

What’s holding you back – is it a lack of confidence?

A feeling of uncertainty? A lack of clarity?

Do you need some support and accountability to get going with a goal or project?

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself and wake up to your best life?

Do you want to …

feel confident in yourself,

lose the inner negative voice and self-doubt?

be kind and nurturing towards your whole self?

accept, love and value yourself?

participate more fully in life rather than watching from the side-lines?

do you want to feel fabulous about your life rather than just fine?


"It has been said that I look brighter, more alive, cheerful and like a load has lifted. 

Sarah was patient and gently veered me towards dealing with the underlying issues rather than pushing me to perform. The questions asked often opened a winding path that lead to insights and truth."

Anisah - Kuala Lumpur

This is for you if any of these resonate:

  • you want to feel more confident as you.

  • you want to discover what living a fulfilled life looks like for you.

    you want to feel excited about life.

  • you want to feel empowered and more able to take part.

  • you want to leave the negative thoughts and self-doubt behind.

  • you want to grow your self-belief.

  • you want to be kind and nurturing towards your whole self.

  • you want to know that you’re enough as you are, even if there are things you want to change.


"The biggest change I have gained through working with Sarah is the realisation i don't need to be pretend to be anything other than me. I am enough."
- Janene Goddard