Reaching Your Goals - Questions to ask along the way

confidence mindset self-love Jul 18, 2019

Reaching your goals set isn’t always easy. There are certain questions I ask myself along the way.

One question I’ve started to ask myself is “does this support the life I’m trying to create?”

Trying to get clearer on actions I take is to ask – does this take me nearer to my goals?  Is this an action my future-self will thank me for?

I’m not talking about the extra glass of wine you might regret in the morning (!) but on a day to day level.  Am I taking actions consistently to move me in the direction I want to go?

To reach goals takes consistent action over time, regardless of what the goal is.

It’s not necessarily the glamorous process but small steps consistently over time reap progress, growth & change.

Why is this goal, a goal?

The other question it’s good to ask is “why”?  Why is this a goal – why do I want to do this?  It’s not just I want to do X but why do I want it.  You could discover its not actually that important to you – it could be something you think you’re expected to achieve. Others, once you’ve established the true reasons why, can act as motivation to take action and plan on how you’re going to get there.

For some goals accountability can help – certainly for me I have found telling someone this is what I’m aiming for and this is what I’m going to do to get there has not only helped clarify the goal in the first place but also formulate a plan.

Looking at the final goal can be daunting and sometimes taking the first action to reach there is scary – but not as bad as the feelings of regret of not taking any action.  

Reaching your goals takes time but needs action!

Sarah J Snape | Life Coach for Women

Some goals obviously take time to complete and we have to be realistic on time scales. However, if no action is being taken you’ll never get there or it will take much longer than necessary.

A small example from my own life. Back in 2004 I said I wanted to run the Race for Life (the death of a close family friend sparked the initial desire) but it wasn’t until 2014 I finally took part.  10 years to complete couch to 5K & run the event.  Doubting I could do it, not wanting to be “seen” running, not taking any action to get there.  Worrying about whether I could do it – whereas, did it matter if I didn’t manage it – having a go was an achievement in itself for me. It was a great event to take part in and I could have so easily missed out on that memory and running it with my 2 girls.  The following year we did the mud run – that was an experience!  

What I’m saying is to take the first step because who knows where it will lead.  If it doesn’t work out or you change your mind that’s fine.  Life is precious and to be experienced.  If only, or what if, can lead to comparison & frustration.  Hearing Shannon Kaiser speak at The Self Love Summit at the end of June she made the statement – “this isn’t your practice life”, and it isn’t.  Take the leap, (or small first step!), trust yourself and who knows what will come your way.

Actions to take to help reach your goals

  • Have an end goal in mind but be prepared for this to change.

  • Identify the steps needed to get to that goal.

  • Find someone to be accountable to, whether or not this be a coach/mentor or someone you know.

  • Think about the consequences of taking no action.

  • Accept that you are unlikely to always get it right and view these instances as a learning opportunity

  • Dig deep and find the courage for the first small step and build from there.

Some goals are obviously smaller than others – e.g I’ve been trying to consistently drink more water as I feel better when I do. It’s one of those things that when I’m in the habit it’s easy but it’s also easy for that habit to drop. My solution – is that I have 3 reminders set on my phone and it just gives me that nudge.

The other thing to remember is what I’ve been saying to one of my daughters recently who is waiting for A Level results – it’s OK we know what plan A is – there’s always a plan B even if you don’t know what it is right now! Also, progress is not linear – just keep going.

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Let me know if any of the actions help you.


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