Is it really worth working with a life-coach?

coaching mindset Nov 24, 2020

What actually is life-coaching?

“life-changing”, “encouraging”, “nurturing”, “motivating”, “inspirational” – words my clients have used and, I would echo those from my own experience of working with a coach.

Life-coaching is a way of helping people make change in their life – it helps change and transform mindsets and become aware of what may hold you back in getting to where you want in life.  It helps you uncover what is truly important to you. 

It’s so easy to just be getting on with life and to not take any time to reflect on what we really want, where we want to be headed. Or to wait until we reach “crisis” point – why not take action now? Follow that niggle, that thought you keep having that you want more.

Don’t wait until the achievement of the day is unloading the dishwasher! (yep, that was me)

Life-coaching gives that time and space for you to do just that, with the support a coach gives.

As a coach I hold space for you, I actively listen, I help you set goals and actions to reach those goals.  To help motivate you, to provide accountability to help you make the changes you desire.  Not forgetting the celebrating of you as you make progress and achieve the change you want.


Life-coaching is forward and solution focused – it focuses on where you want to be and how to get there – moving from A to B.  It empowers you to make change, to transform your mindset, to look at things from a different perspective.  To take actions towards your goals based from where you are now.

Coaching helps identify what thought patterns are holding you back and identify ways through them.

You gain confidence in yourself and belief that you can reach your goals.

For me, self-acceptance and self-love are paramount in making lasting change in your life, how you feel about yourself and what you are doing in your life. Dealing with the negative voice and doubting thoughts that you have and that keep you playing small or just not feeling confident in the day to day.

Life maybe fine but when you think of everything being the same in a year or even 5 you know you want to make change.  Life-coaching can speed up that process and help you make that change and gain clarity sooner.  Coaching empowers you to set inspiring goals to get you to where you want to be. Goals that are meaningful to you.

As the client, you are at the centre of the coaching series.  You, your desires, your goals.

So why did I become a life-coach?

 Primarily because it works.

I experienced the transformative effects of coaching for myself a few years ago. (read more here) 

 The mindset transformation and freedom I have found to be fully me is what I want to help other women discover for themselves.

  •  ways to work with the inner critic – that voice we all have,

  • belief in yourself,

  • permission to follow your dreams,

  • confidence to try new things,

  • an acceptance & appreciation for yourself,

  • a new excitement about life.

 I love working with clients and seeing them have those aha moments, to gain self-belief and confidence in themselves.  To allow themselves to go for what they want.  To have permission to be themselves.  It lights me up.

My experience of coaching with Sarah has been life-changing.  I feel calmer & at peace.  Happier & more content.  I am more accepting, grateful & present & my confidence has grown. Charisse Van Kan

When you feel confident in yourself life opens up in ways that are unexpected. 

You feel more able to embrace new opportunities.

Life feels more fulfilling.

You have more energy for life.

You have a greater acceptance and love for yourself – and are less critical if things don’t go according to plan.

Ultimately, as a coach I provide space to my clients to learn, to feel inspired & empowered as they uncover what they are capable of as they carry out actions and “do the work.” As they uncover what living their best life is for them and take steps towards it their confidence, belief, enjoyment and excitement about life grows.  (see more testimonials here)

Next StepIf any of this resonates or makes you wonder if coaching is for you, find out more about working with me or feel free to send me a message. Take the action now.

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