Can you find the courage to take the first step?

confidence mindset Oct 18, 2020
A lady with her back to you jumping in the air, arms up while stood on a mountain

Something a bit different from me for this post. I wrote this after coming off a phone call that involved me taking a big step, an investment in me. I hope the sentiment resonates for you too. When you take the step /the leap the knock on effects can be amazing.


Sometimes you have to take that step.

That step into the unknown.

Dig to find an ounce of courage to take the first action. 

The first act to move you forwards,

One step away from where you are.

One step closer to where you want to be.

Acknowledge that step you’ve taken.

It prepares you for the next one,

and the next.


Feel those butterflies – excitement and fear.

Focus on the excitement.

Go with it, feel the courage.

Let them carry you forward.

Let them help you grow.

To find your wings.


Before you know it and you look back,

you realise how far you’ve come.

How much you’ve changed.

You’re not stuck anymore.

You may have meandered but,

you’re free, you’ve moved.

You’re transformed.


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