Is finding your life's purpose important in today's world?

mindset Mar 16, 2021

Sometimes I feel the phrase life purpose can be quite an intimidating phrase – as though we need to find “the” purpose, the one and only purpose for our whole lives. It can apply a pressure that doesn’t need to be there.

Personally, I don’t go with this narrative.  To me purpose is about your reason for being. Why you get up in the morning.  The why behind what you do and how you live.  The things you feel passionately about.  I don’t believe too, that we only have to have one purpose.  Life is seasonal and your purpose can change with the seasons and stages of life. 

Your life purpose is not one thing, one job or career. That if you don’t discover it you have failed your mission. The idea that we have ONE purpose is a myth, my friend! If we continue to pursue this myth it may be like the crock of gold at the end of the rainbow – you will never find it!
Follow your passion, and find your purpose, your why.

Follow your passion, and find your purpose, your why.

Your purpose is for you, no-one else.

It’s easy to feel that your purpose, like your goals and dreams, aren’t important if they’re not “massive” or world changing.  Some people do have these, but for many I think our purpose stems more from wanting what we do to have value, to matter, to make an impact – whether at a small or world level.  What you feel your purpose is in life is to do with you, and no-one else (assuming it won’t cause harm to anyone else!) It could be your purpose is to start a movement to create change, or to knit 1000 hats for the homeless, or to create a loving home for your family. Whatever is fulfilling for you is the key.

Purpose in Midlife

I recently asked midlife women in my community, both online and off, to complete a questionnaire and lack of purpose came out as one of the top two things this group were struggling with.  Now, I’m not claiming my questionnaire was a totally scientific piece of research – I just asked people to fill in the questionnaire and went with the responses I got.  But similar themes emerged from the respondent’s answers – lack of purpose and confidence came out as the two top answers as areas of struggle.

Interestingly, the majority of respondents also felt that they were at a crossroads in life. This relates to what I was saying about the seasons and stages of life.  For many women in their 40’s and 50’s particularly, there are a number of changes that we face.  The menopause being a major one and if we’ve had children they are often growing up and leaving home. Whether we feel positively or negatively about that, it is still a change.  Many women structure their lives around family, wanting to be available so as that role changes so can the purpose of life.  Answers around this subject ranged from “really feeling the “empty nest”, to “they moved out and we downsized before they could move back.” 😂

I also believe that as we approach midlife or reach it, we often start looking at what we’re doing and why.  The phrase “midlife crisis” didn’t come about by accident – but it doesn’t need to be a crisis – more a re-evaluation.  I think naturally, we become more aware of time passing, even though hopefully we have a good time left, it can feel like time is marching on by.


So, what is your purpose?

So, what is your purpose?  For some, your career, job or vocation may be your purpose, for others your career can be a means to facilitating your purpose.  What brings you joy?  What are you good at? What do you enjoy?  There are many ways you can live a purposeful life that is fulfilling for you - your hobbies, interests, family life, volunteering roles, learning, retraining and studying - are all valuable.

Your purpose doesn’t need to be a big proclamation to the world.  So long as you feel purposeful and that you’re living a life you enjoy, for me, that’s the aim.  Finding your purpose I would suggest means living to your potential, not letting limiting beliefs and stories hold you back.  Not worrying about what others think and allowing that to stop you doing what you want to do is a great place to be.  Finding ways to live a joyful life that has meaning to you should surely be the aim?


If you feel support with finding what brings you joy, reaching your potential and living a fulfilling life for you would be good why not book a discovery call to see how I can help.  I currently have 2 spots for 1:1 coaching available. 

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