Putting Myself Out There – out of the comfort zone again

comfort zone confidence mindset movement Apr 23, 2019

As I’ve written before my mantra for 2019 is “say yes, be brave”. It’s all to do with “putting myself out there” – to experience life.

This was following on from 2018 when I started to push myself out of my comfort zone in ways I never thought I would (stepping out of your comfort zone).  

Say yes be brave

Carrying this forward in a small way, but for me no less nerve inducing, has been going to several events & get togethers in the first few months of this year.  Events where I would only know 1 person and be arriving on my own, which, in itself, makes me uncomfortable (sounds silly when I write it down but that’s the way it is!).

Bootcamp & Brunch

Health Bloggers Community Bristol Brunch

Obviously, it was the brunch bit of this that provided the temptation, especially as it was at The Ivy in Clifton. 

This was organised & hosted by Cam Dempster.  So, one Saturday morning I got up and left the house by 6.30am to get to Clifton by 8.00am. This was a major achievement alone as those who know me know that I don’t relish getting up in the morning . 

I left home in lovely sunshine, a cold March morning but dry.  By the time I got to the meeting place it was freezing & raining!!  Thankfully the weather soon improved otherwise I’m not sure I would have enjoyed the session as much as I did.  Before I went, I had my usual insecurities crop up:

  • Will I be the oldest?

  • Will I be the biggest?

  • Will I be the least fit?

  • Will I be able to do it?

  • What if no one wants to talk to me?


And the list goes on – at the end of the day none of those really mattered anyway. 

So what if I was the oldest, biggest or least fit? Why wouldn’t anyone want to talk to me?   As for my fitness – I know I’m strong and I can do short bursts of cardio – yes, I’m never going to be a marathon runner or a fast sprinter, but I can manage a short burst. 

Of course, everyone was friendly, I didn’t feel out of place, and I managed the exercise – was great to be outside & brunch after was lovely with the bonus of a goody bag.  

Hot Pod Yoga & Networking Event

When I signed up for this event hosted by HBC Bristol & South West, it caused much hilarity when I told people.  Being the age I am, (48), I’m hot quite a lot of the time anyway so the thought of doing yoga in a hot pod alongside the fact I hadn’t done yoga in about 10 years was quite amusing.  

That’s the problem with the mantra “be brave, say yes”.  When I booked, I didn’t read it properly and hadn’t realised it was hot pod yoga until I subsequently read all the details.  That’s when the nerves really kicked in!

  • Will I be the oldest?

  • Will I be the biggest?

  • Will I faint?

  • Why on earth have I signed up for this?

  • How will I cope with the heat? etc. etc.

Yes, I was the oldest and I was the biggest but actually I loved it. I felt no judgement. On arriving at Hotpod Yoga Bristol we were individually spoken with to ascertain our experience etc & immediately put at ease.  The pod itself had low level lighting & the temperature was maintained.  The atmosphere was fantastic. I ended up doing the session in just my sports bra & leggings which demonstrates how comfortable I felt!  

The networking after was very informal & there were some great brands present with samples (always a bonus) & I met some lovely people – again fears unfounded!

Putting myself out there – the lesson learned

The two above examples were probably the most out of my comfort zone but with the other events I’ve been to, each time becomes a bit easier. (practice makes perfect progress). It would be easy to not go, but I’ve always enjoyed them and connected with some great people.

The fears and insecurities I have before attending have always proved groundless. but before attending I give myself permission to either leave if it’s awful or acknowledge I don’t have to do it again!

Talking to people at these events makes me realise I’m not the only one feeling nervous before hand – why is it we always think we’re the only ones?

So next time you want to go to something but feel unsure – I challenge you to say yes.  You never know you might enjoy yourself – and what’s the worst that can happen?

You might also come home with some pretty tasty goody bags.

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