How to Connect With Your "Why"

mindset Mar 18, 2020

Behind everything we do there is a reason.  A reason why.  But in the bigger scheme of what we do with our lives, goals we set, our success on reaching our goals, the reason why becomes more important.

This is because it is what motivates us to keep showing up, to keep persevering and taking action.

It’s easy to lose sight of our “why”.  Why are we doing anything that we do?  What’s our true motivation? What truly lights us up?

 So often when we ask ourselves why it is in a negative way – oh why did I do that?  Why did that have to happen?  If we take the time to ask ourselves why in a more positive way it can help us stay focussed, motivated and in action.

Connecting and thinking about our “why” at a deeper level will help keep us in that action towards reaching our goals. For those days when we feel discouraged or just don’t feel bothered it can help keep us in motion. 

It is also useful for discovering if what we think we want to do or have as a goal is truly what we desire.  Is it really a priority for now or something we feel “should” be a goal?

So, what is our “why”.

It is the purpose, cause or belief that drives every one of us 

Drilling down into our why is simple.  Just ask yourself some questions.  I’ve come across the “5 Whys” and even the “7 Whys”.

  1. Why do I want to do/accomplish this?

  2. Why do I want to achieve that?

  3. And why is that important?

  4. And why will that make a difference?

  5. And why will that matter?

Be curious – whatever answer you come up with, ask yourself why again.

It sounds simple but is a powerful tool. It helps us get to the core.

We can get so caught up with what we’re doing, should be doing, need to do, that we lose all sense of our “why”.

Slow down and ask yourself why?

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